The BBC, Glow and jQuery

From the BBC Glow Google Group:

> On 14/10/2010 15:16, “Sooty the dog” wrote:
>> Hello, what’s happening with Glow 2 dev? Is it canned? I had a quick
>> look on your issues tracker via the BBC website and didn’t see any
>> activity….. Looking at the API, are you just going to deploy
>> something as a JQuery plugin?

> Glow 2 is no longer in active development. We are currently researching and
> developing a BBC JavaScript library that uses jQuery for its core DOM
> manipulation functionality.
> —
> Michael Mathews
> Senior Web Developer
> BBC Frameworks

About Sam Dutton

I am a Developer Advocate for Google Chrome. I grew up in rural South Australia, went to university in Sydney, and have lived since 1986 in London, England. Twitter: @SW12
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