simplest possible examples of HTML, CSS and JavaScript

I’ve built a site to provide simplest possible examples of HTML, CSS and JavaScript:


  • ‘Show me the code!’
  • ‘Does technology X work on platform Y?’
  • ‘Where the heck is that Foo example I saw?’
  • A minimum of ‘huh?’
  • Short, consistent, guessable URLs with sensible shortcuts, for example redirects to
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Works well on mobile devices.


  • Oriented to modern browsers.
  • No templating.

I hope it’s useful – comments and suggestions much appreciated.

About Sam Dutton

I am a Developer Advocate for Google Chrome. I grew up in rural South Australia, went to university in Sydney, and have lived since 1986 in London, England. Twitter: @SW12
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3 Responses to simplest possible examples of HTML, CSS and JavaScript

  1. john says:

    no offence – but its 100% chrome oriented. Would be nice to have

    • Sam Dutton says:

      >> no offence – but its 100% chrome oriented. Would be nice to have

      Yeah — would be good. Fork!

      To be fair, isn’t all Chrome. I did a very quick survey of what’s supported by current versions of browsers (see below — ‘All’ means IE9 or 10 plus Chrome, Firefox and Safari). This list is probably somewhat inaccurate, but it does show that most of the examples will work on most browsers (on desktop at least!)

      Also, is meant simply to give examples of the newest HTML, CSS and JavaScript — and a few other bits I think are worth highlighting — and not to provide information about API support.


      All: Ajax (aka XMLHttpRequest)
      All: AppCache
      All: Array methods: some, every, filter, forEach, map
      Firefox: Audio Data
      Firefox, Chrome: Battery API
      All: canPlayType()
      Chrome, Safari: CSS filters
      CSS flexbox: all
      All: CSS transition
      Chrome, Firefox: Data channels
      Chrome, Safari:


      Chrome, Safari: Device Orientation
      All: Fieldset (localStorage example)
      Chrome: FileSystem
      All: Geolocation
      Firefox, Chrome, Opera: getUserMedia()
      All: History pushState() and popState()
      IE, Chrome, Safari: Hyphenation (soft hyphen)

      All: Image: a big one (20MB)
      All (partial): Input types: email, tel, url, date, time, colour
      All: localStorage
      Chrome, Safari, Firefox: Media Capture (using )
      Firefox, Chrome: MutationObserver
      IE, Firefox, Chrome: Navigation Timing (window.performance)
      All: navigator.userAgent
      IE, Firefox, Chrome, Opera: Page Visibility API
      All: postMessage()
      All: querySelector() and querySelectorAll()
      Chrome, Firefox: RTCDataChannel (WebRTC)
      Firefox, Chrome, Opera: RTCPeerConnection (WebRTC)
      All: sessionStorage
      All: SVG
      Chrome, IE: with
      All: (with autoplay)
      Web Audio: Chrome, Safari
      Web Fonts: All
      WebP: Chrome, Opera
      WebRTC (getUserMedia, RTCPeerConnection, RTCDataChannel)
      WebSQL: Chrome, Safari, Opera
      Web Workers: All
      XMLHttpRequest (aka Ajax): All

  2. Sunil kumar says:

    hi sam ,

    this is sunil , i have watched your webrtc video in yotube , first of all congratulations , that is a nice presentation , i have tested the code which dowloaded from GIThub , working fine ,

    rtcpeerconnection/index.html opens a web page which shows two videos and three buttons start,call,hangup
    the both videos showing y local webcam’s result ,
    how can i contact other when i click CALL button , what i need to implement to get network video of other’s system web cam / tabs cam

    please guide me to set ,any help usefull for me my mail id

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