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I am a Developer Advocate for Google Chrome. I grew up in rural South Australia, went to university in Sydney, and have lived since 1986 in London, England. Twitter: @SW12

How do you use images?

Let us know how you use images on your website with this short form:

Thanks! Continue reading

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Search Shakespeare

Fast search for the complete plays, poems and sonnets of Shakespeare (including locations and stage directions) using data derived from the PlayShakespeare project. Continue reading

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A manifesto for teaching web development

Ten principles for teaching HTML, CSS and JavaScript to absolute beginners. Continue reading

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JavaScript linting: moving from JSHint and JSCS to ESLint

JSHint and JSCS are both brilliant JavaScript linting tools, but ESLint provides more functionality than both of them combined. It’s quick, too. This post is a quick guide to moving from JSHint and JSCS to ESLint. Continue reading

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Search Google developer videos

Please note: I am currently rebuilding this app: the URLs below will not work. I built a prototype API and application for searching Google developer video transcripts and metadata:      Why? 1. I work for a search company. 2. … Continue reading

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High performance HTML

How can you improve the performance of web pages? Most developers look to JavaScript, images and other kinds of optimisation.

Poor old HTML gets neglected despite being the core language of the web.

In this article you’ll learn how to write clean, concise HTML that enables you to create content that loads fast and works well across a variety of devices. In the process, you’ll learn how to build sites and apps that are easier to debug and maintain. Continue reading

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Media Newsletter: audio, video and realtime communications

I’ll be publishing a monthly roundup of news about media tech. Sign up at Archive at

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