Eliza lives!

...in the form of IKEA's Anna!

Nice top

Sample conversation below.

You just said : That's a lovely microphone you're wearing.
I have an outfit that my creators made for me, but because 
I'm an IKEA Online Assistant, I don't wear real clothes.

You just said : Saucy!
I'm not sure what you're trying to exclaim. Please be a little more detailed if you can.

You just said : You wear virtual clothes?
I think you're confused or trying to ask me a question, but I need more than that 
to give you a proper answer. Please try again.

You just said : Do you sell Volvos?
Transport is not something about which I'm programmed to discuss. Sorry.

You just said : Are you Swedish?
Let's talk about IKEA now.

About Sam Dutton

I am a Developer Advocate for Google Chrome. I grew up in rural South Australia, went to university in Sydney, and have lived since 1986 in London, England. Twitter: @SW12
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